Fire and

Motor Insurance

We provide Insurance Services for Motor Insurance. Three types of covers are available under for the insured to choose from;

I. Third-Party Policy

a) This policy provides cover for bodily injury and death to third parties e.g. pedestrians and other road users. The sum insured is unlimited.

b) The policy also provides compensation to any property that may be damaged by the insured vehicle. The limit of liability is GHS5,000.00 unless the insured specifically requests for an increase. Damage to the insured vehicle is not covered.

(c) It also provides Personal Accident Benefits to the driver and the insured.

II. Third Party Fire and Theft Policy
This policy covers all the above, in addition, provide compensation for loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle as a result of fire and or theft.

III. Comprehensive Policy
This is the widest cover and it includes all the above, in addition to accidental damage to the insured vehicle.

The Third Party Property Damage limit is also GHS5,000.00 but can be increased at the insured request.