COVERUNIVERSAL INSURANCE BROKERS was set up as an insurance broker to provide insurance services to meet the specific needs of the people of Ghana. The company’s vision is to become a lifelong partner to all its clients and help them achieve their professional, business and personal goals.

We provide insurance brokerage services based on our understanding of the specific needs of our clients. Our vision is to become one of the key industry players within the sub-region, providing the most cost-efficient and flexible insurance solutions to our clients.

Within the past few years, Insurance penetration in Ghana has been low, below 5%. One reason that accounts for the low penetration has delayed the payment of claims and the repudiation of legitimate claims by insurance companies. This practice by insurance companies has led to a situation in which the public does not trust the industry. This reputation has not helped efforts to increase insurance penetration in the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the importance of insurance and risk management for countries, organizations, families and individuals.

There is, therefore, the need to design innovative and affordable insurance products and services to address the needs of the country, companies and individuals, which are constantly changing with changes in the social and economic environment of the country.

Ghana’s economy has consistently been placed among Africa’s ten (10) fastest-growing economies. This economic growth can be attributed to inflows of foreign investments, infrastructural projects, digitization of the economy and industrialization.